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Music on Hold

Music on Hold allows you to specify personal music on hold for your extension. You configure music on hold files using the Music On Hold page. To display this page, click the Music on Hold icon at the top of the page:

The Add Music button allows you to add music on hold files. When you add music on hold files, the file name appears on the Music On Hold page, along with the duration and file size. The Settings button allows you to play an introductory greeting.

If you hover over a file you can see options to play the file, download the file, edit the name, or delete the file. If multiple files are uploaded you can rearrange them using the arrows at the left of the page.


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all copyright laws have been followed responsibly. As the service provider, we are not held liable for any infringement or licensing situations that arise.

If you have questions as to the legality of what you intend on uploading, you may reach out to our team for assistance.

Upload and Modify MoH

View our How-To article to learn more about uploading or modifying custom music on hold.

Updated on April 1, 2021

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