The Phones page allows you to manage your phones. To display the Phones page, click the Phones icon at the top of the page:

Each row shows a phone that has been added to the system, along with:

  • Whether the phone is registered.
  • The phone name and device type. The hyperlink below the Name column allows you to edit the phone information. You can also edit or delete phones using icons on the right side of the row.
  • The phone’s IP address, MAC address, and line number on the phone associated with your extension.

Clicking the Refresh button updates the information shown on the page.

The Phones page also has a SNAPmobile button (near the top right corner) that allows you to access a web phone. You can make and receive calls with the same identity as being in the office along with managing your voicemail, answering rules, and contacts.

Note: SNAPmobile web phone is available on every other manager portal page for your convenience.

Updated on January 25, 2020

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