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Upload or Modify Music on Hold

You can upload or modify custom music on hold within Prysm Voice. This documentation is a how-to article and describes the process from a basic user and also an office manager role.

Items Needed

  • Access to Manager Portal via Client Portal or Direct Link: https://manage.prysmvoice.com
  • Audio files you will be uploading (must be a wav or mp3 file). You should hold the licenses to these files, or they should be license-free.
  • The sampling rate of all files used within the system is 8000Hz mono and encoded in 8-bit PCM u-Law.

  • System Defaults

    Music will be inherited from the system defaults if no custom music on hold files have been added. You will know this is the case if the following screen is displayed within the manage portal.

    Basic User MoH

    Setting custom hold music from a basic user scope will only apply to that extension. Bear in mind that music on hold (MoH) is determined by the call flow and call routing. A call must follow the user’s answering rules in order for the call to play the user’s MoH. As an example, if a call is routed through a Call Queue (CQ) then the MoH settings will be determined from the CQ or system level.

    Upload Music on Hold

    In order to set an extension’s MoH settings, follow these steps:

    • Login to Manager Portal
    • Select Music on Hold
    • Next click on Add Music
    • Enter the following information in the add music pop-up card.
    • Browse > Select audio file from your file manager
      • Song Name > Enter the song name or description
    • Hit Upload
    Modify Music on Hold

    You may perform modifications on existing files and/or change additional settings.

    • Selecting Settings will allow you to randomize Music on Hold or play an introductory greeting.
    • Using the up/down directional arrows on the main MoH screen will allow you to adjust the ordering of the files, which is important if you are not randomizing the playback.
    • You may also download, edit, or delete each existing file.

    Office Manager MoH

    Setting custom hold music from an office manager scope will apply to the phone system. If no custom hold music is specified, then MoH will follow the built-in system default. If a basic user or extension has custom MoH applied then callers may hear those files played back — dependent on the call routing scenario.

    The process of uploading and modifying music on hold from a system level is almost identical to the basic user. For this reason, please follow the instructions above. The only difference will be ensuring you are accessing the office manager functions of the portal. If you are under your specific account, you will need to click on Manage Organization at the top of the screen.

    Your button/navigation layout will update accordingly.

    Music on Hold Sources

    There are several freely licensed songs available on the internet. Below are a few examples:

    Professional Recordings

    Updated on April 1, 2021

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