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Contact Directory

The Prysm Voice platform is equipped with a contact directory. By default, contacts contain all the extensions on your system. However, you can add contacts to enable easier access to everyone you need to reach.

You configure contacts using the Contacts page. To display this page, click the Contacts icon at the top of the page:

The following figure shows an example of a Contacts page. The sections following the figure describe the key areas on the page.

The All pull-down list allows you to search contacts by group. Using this list, you can select groups to search such as Favorites, Departments, Available, Busy, and more. Selecting a group filters the contacts on the page to show only the ones located in the group selected.

The Enter a name or extension field below the drop-down list allows you to search by contact name or extension. Entering a name or extension in this field filters the contacts on the page to show only the ones that match your entry. Click the X in this field to delete your entry and redisplay all contacts.

Add and Import Contacts

View our How-To article to learn more about adding contacts to your directory.

Selecting Favorites

When hovering over a contact, a light gray star appears next to the contact name. Clicking the star selects the contact as a favorite and changes the color of the star to yellow.

Editing Contacts

When hovering over a contact you’ll see an edit button on the far right, click that button to edit the contact.

Updated on January 25, 2020

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