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Access Voicemail System

Generally, voicemails are configured to be automatically emailed to you based on your overall organization settings. However, should you utilize the voicemail system by dialing into it then this document will provide you with the steps on doing so.

Items Needed

• Access to Manager Portal via Client Portal or Direct Link: https://manage.prysmvoice.com

To learn more about the voicemail features within the Prysm Voice platform, see our messages feature article.

Voicemail Pilot Numbers*

You may press the Message or envelope icon on your phone or dial one of the following pilot numbers.


Internal from any extension on the Prysm Voice platform. (User will be prompted for their extension number and PIN.)


Internal from the extension of the User checking their Voicemail. (User will only be prompted for their PIN.)

*We will eventually retire our older Voicemail Pilot Numbers of 5000 & 5001.

Voicemail Graphical Options Menu

Voicemail Tree (Click to Enlarge)

Updated on June 15, 2021

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