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Send and Receive SMS from Portal

The following steps will show you how to send and receive SMS messages via the Manager Portal.

Items Needed

  • Access to Manager Portal via Client Portal or Direct Link: https://manage.prysmvoice.com
  • SMS-enabled DID
  • An SMS-enabled DID can only be routed to a single user. Any other users that wish to use SMS will need an additional DID.

  • Sending Messages

    • Once logged into the portal you will have a Contacts window on your bottom right
    • If the window is minimized simply click on the black bar
    • To create a message click on the Balloon icon at the top of the Contacts window
    • New Conversation window will appear
    • In the Search for contacts field enter any 10 digit telephone number and click Send SMS
    • Enter the message you would like to send in the text box at the bottom
    • When you are finished hit the Enter key
    • Your message will move to the main window with a time stamp. It has now been sent

    Receiving Messages

    New SMS messages will display in a window similar to the one in the above step. New messages will have a green bar until you click in the window. You can reply using by typing in the Send a message… window and hit the Enter key

    Updated on January 30, 2020

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