SNAPmobile is an iOS and Android application that will allow you to use your Prysm Voice service anytime, anywhere, from any iOS or Android device. The following instructions will allow you to configure the SNAPmobile application on your iOS or Android device.

Items Needed

  • Portal username
  • Portal password

  • Android Play Store

    Apple Apps Store

    Log In

    • At the login screen enter the following information
      • Host ID: UCNET
      • Username: extension@domain (i.e. 1001@prysmdemo)
      • Password: Your password for the web portal
    • Touch LOG IN

    Application Permissions

    You will be prompted for application permissions once you launch the app. If you do not make the corresponding selections below then you can go back to your phone settings and toggle these at a later point.

    • Notifications – Required

      Our system uses push notifications to your device so that the app knows an incoming call is being made. If you do not enable notifications, you will not receive incoming calls.
    • Microphone – Required

      In order for the calling (or called) party to hear your voice, you will need to enable microphone access. The privacy of this setting is respected and the microphone is only used during an active call scenario.
    • Contacts – Optional

      This allows the app to access your local phone contacts for quick dial. Your contacts are not transferred to our server and we do not have access to them.
    • Siri – Optional

      If you are using an iPhone, you may be prompted to allow Siri. This is purely from a convenience standpoint and you can decide based on your usage of Siri if this is a setting you would like to enable.
    Updated on March 2, 2022

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