Bria Mobile (Android)

The following steps will allow you to configure the Bria softphone application for use with your Prysm Voice service.

Items Needed

  • Android phone
  • Bria app from Google Play store
  • SIP User
  • SIP Password
  • Prysm Voice domain
  • Login to
  • Download Bria from Google Play Store

    Obtain Your Domain Info

    • Log into PBX portal 
    • Login Name will be your extension@your domain I.e. 1001@prysmdemo
    • Enter your Password
    • Click Log In
    • Click on the Phones button at the top
    • Select the configuration button for the extension you want to configure 
      *Note that you will only see the information if the phone model is set to Manual or Softphone
    • Take note of the Domain, Outbound Proxy, Username and Password
    • Click Save when you are finished

    Account Configuration

    • Open the Bria app
    • Click on the Settings icon at the bottom right
    • Select Accounts
    • Click Add Account 
    • Select SIP Making Calls
    • Enter the following information:
      • Account Name: Enter a descriptive name for this account. Typically we use the extension number (i.e. 1001)
      • Display As: Enter  your name
      • Username: Enter Username from PBX Portal
      • Password: Enter Password from PBX Portal
      • Domain: Enter Domain from PBX Portal
      • VM Number: 5001
    • Select Account Advanced
    • Under Outbound Proxy enter the information from the portal
    • Under Auth Name enter the extension number from the portal
    • Scroll to the bottom to SIP Registration
      • Wi-Fi Refresh Interval: 500
      • Mobile Refresh Interval: 500
    • Under Keep Alive
      • Wifi Interval: 15
      • Mobile Interval: 9
    • Click back button on your phone
    • Click on Account Specific Features

    • Scroll down to Bria Push Service, enable Use Push Notifications and enter your SIP Proxy information
    • Click back button twice on your phone
    • You should see your extension number and the check mark at the right turn green.
    • Click back arrow at the top left
    • Click on the dial pad at the bottom left
    • You will see a message at the top saying Phone Ready. You are now ready to make and receive calls
    Updated on January 25, 2020

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