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Star Codes and Features

Many features in the Prysm Voice platform are controlled by dialing the star key in conjunction with a 2 or 3 digit code. The default star codes are listed below. These may be customized by submitting a request to support@prysmvoice.com.

Star CodeFeature Description
***Dynamically Park a Call
<Call Park Queue Number>Park a Call
*35 + <Extension Number>Extension Pickup
Answer a call that is ringing at another extension
*36Domain Pickup
Answer a call that is ringing within the same domain
*37Department Pickup
Answer a call that is ringing within the same department
*40Activate Call Forwarding
*41 + <Forwarding Number>Set Forward Busy Destination
*42 + <Forwarding Number>Set Forward No Answer Feature
*44Pick up a call from another device on the same extension
*46Hot Desking: Release Ownership of Device
*48 + <Destination Number>Ask caller to enter PIN before connecting call
*49 + <Destination Number>Ask caller to enter extension # before connecting call
*50 + <Extension Number>Auto Answer/Intercom (3 or 4 Digit Ext)
*55 + <Call Park Destination>Retrieve a call from a Call Park Queue
*67 + <Destination>Outbound Call to DID or Extension as Anonymous (One Time)
*69Call Return
*72 + <Forwarding Number>Set Forward Destination
*73De-Activate Forward
*74Activate Night Mode (On Own User)
*75De-Activate Night Mode (On Own User)
*77Activate Reject Anonymous Calls
*78Activate Do Not Disturb
*79De-Activate Do Not Disturb
*80Activate Call Recording
*81De-Activate Call Recording
*87De-Activate Reject Anonymous Calls
*88Make Agent Available for a Queue (Online)
*88 + <Queue Extension>Make Agent Available for a Specific Queue (Online)
*89Make Agent Unavailable for a Queue (Offline)
*89 + <Queue Extension>Make Agent Unavailable for a Specific Queue (Offline)
*90Activate Forward Busy
*91De-Activate Forward Busy
*92Activate Forward No Answer
*93De-Activate Forward No Answer
*98Transfer to an Extension
*99Transfer to Self
Caller ID

You can control outbound caller ID based on the number you enter for forwarding.

  • Only setting 10 digits for the forward number will send the caller ID of your office. (i.e. 6151230999)
  • Prefixing the number with a 1 will send the caller ID of the original caller. (i.e. 16151230999)

    This setting only applies to the Answering Rules of the Manager Portal and will not apply to the Inventory (i.e. phone numbers).

  • ShortcutFeature Description
    7 + <Extension Number> Transfer a call directly to voicemail (3 or 4 digit extension)
    7[0-1][0-9]Transfer a call to a Call Park Queue in the 700-719 range for parking without callback
    7[2-9][0-9] Transfer a call to a Call Park Queue in the 720-799 range for parking
    with callback
    99 + <Extension Number>Auto Answer / Intercom (3 or 4 digit extension)
    099 + <Destination Number>Invoke the Account Code feature
    5000/9900Unregistered Login to VMail (prompted for acct no and pass)
    5001/9901Registered Login to VMail (prompted for password only)
    5002/9902Hot Desking Sign In
    9999Hot Desk/Hoteling De-Activate

    Updated on July 7, 2020

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