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Getting Started

Our team is dedicated to getting you on-boarded and providing the information you need to make the most of your new Prysm Voice service!

Basic information required in order to set up your account:

  • Full name and contact information for the authorized billing contact..
  • Complete copies of your last phone bill. (Must be dated within the last 30 days.)
  • List of any phone numbers (local and toll free) that you would like to be ported to our service.
  • Completed recurring payment form.
  • List of all users including their first names, last names, emails and preferred extension numbers. (If you don’t have extensions don’t worry we can create new ones.)
  • In order to create your account as quickly and accurately as possible, we would like to schedule an onboarding call to discuss call routing and any questions you might have regarding Prysm Voice.

Digital Guide

We include a physical copy of our Getting Started guide along with every new phone. Should you need to reference a digital version, you may access it below.

Digital Guide Download

Updated on June 15, 2021

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